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The IZON Network is comprised of golf industry veterans with over 50 years of history within the golf industry. Over the past 5 years the team at IZON has been working to create the ultimate GPS product for the golf course industry. […]


Golfers who are married in USA


Under 44 years old


Who dine out once a week or more


Are homeowners in USA

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Golf Management Tools

IZON provides golf courses with powerful tools to manage their cart fleet and pace of play. Every system comes with real-time cart tracking, direct cart communication and automated pace of play monitoring so the golf staff can easily manage their pace of play. Your golf course staff is able to keep a pulse on all on-course activity in real time. Messages can be sent directly to the entire cart fleet or to one specific cart at any time. Communication at it’s best.

Tap into the power of on-course
technology that engages golfers.

IZON equips every car at participating courses with an interactive 10-inch Android™ tablet. The familiar touch-screen technology has a near-zero learning curve for golfers who are immediately engaged.


Benefits to the Golfer include:


Golfers love IZON’s 10” ultra-bright enhanced graphic displays that are mounted in the front center of every cart. Each tablet has easy-to-use touch screen displays and is very intuitive for the user. After the first round golfers use an IZON system they never want to play without it. […]

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